Help on Vail Pass Appreciated

Frankie Tutt of Colorado Springs called the CDOT Office of Communications on Dec. 5 to report that when she had car trouble on I-70 at Vail Pass, a CDOT employee came to her rescue.

This all occurred during extreme cold and bad weather in the storm that hit Colorado beginning Dec. 2.  Tutt reported, "It was very cold and slick and I was quite frightened.  Your employee Steve Gunion stopped to help me."

Ms. Tutt was having trouble contacting her towing service, so Gunion took care of that for her.  "He was very concerned and wanted to be sure I had enough gas to keep my car running until the tow truck arrived," Tutt recalled.  "Then he actually waited with me for 35 minutes until the truck got there."

"I would like to give Steve three stars," Tutt concluded.  "I am very thankful that he stopped to help me."

Gunion is TM-I for Patrol 40 at Vail Pass, Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3.

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