Kudo for Colorado Highways

Sometimes, it takes a fresh set of eyes to bring a fresh perspective.

Amanda Tooley, whose family hails from the area of Illinois that's just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, recently visited Colorado for a family vacation to the Colorado Springs area.  When she returned to Illinois, she felt compelled to call CDOT to express her opinion about the condition of Colorado's highways.

"We drove I-70, then to Colorado Springs and around that area," she said.  "I visited there during a family road trip when I was nine, and I wanted my family to experience it.  The Pikes Peak area has so many great things for families to do that are also reasonable in cost."

What impressed her greatly was the condition of the highways she drove on in Colorado.  "Your highways are in such good condition and so well-kept.  I was impressed with the lack of potholes, and how driveable and clean the roads are.  CDOT is doing a phenomenal job of keeping things in good order."

She said she also noticed Colorado's emphasis on clean energy.  "We noticed the wind farms and solar panels everywhere," she said.  "Colorado's commitment to the environment is very apparent."

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