Kudos for Help in Glenwood Canyon

Strange things seem to happen in tunnels - just as Richard Call of Westminster, who was riding his 1973 Volvo motorcycle on I-70 in Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Canyon when the motorcycle blew a fuel line.

Then he discovered that help is never far away in Glenwood Canyon.  After he was able to coast out of the tunnel is a safe construction lane, he was quickly met by Randy Breece (TM-I, Hanging Lake Tunnels, Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3), who brought some gas with him.  Once they had diagnosed the problem using a bit of the fuel, Breece's co-worker Dan Mortensen (TM-I) towed the bike to the Grizzly Creek Rest Area, where Call was able to make the relatively simple repair.

Call wrote, "I found their assistance and concern for my safety gratifying and reassuring.  I have been living out of the country for the past two years and had become unaccustomed to this type of assistance by government agencies.  I was impressed.  Thank you for hiring employees who are able to demonstrate this level of professionalism and concern for drivers in Colorado."

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