Kudos for I-70 West Courtesy Patrol

Joel Gratz of the Denver area was driving on I-70 on Sunday, May 12, when his vehicle had engine problems.  The I-70 West Courtesy Patrol was quickly on scene.  Gratz wrote the following to Scott Hoftiezer (Region 1 Traffic Section), who coordinates the Courtesy Patrol and the wintertime heavy tow programs on I-70 west of Denver for Region 1:

"Roy Eggleston and Tyler Winters of the Courtesy Patrol were fantastic when they helped me with an overheating engine.  They were patient and considerate when attempting to diagnose the problem, which turned out to be a badly leaking radiator, and when towing my vehicle to the top of Floyd Hill."

Gratz created and runs the website, which he says "forecasts snow for tens of thousands of powder-hungry skiers and snowboarders who live in or travel to Colorado.  I'm glad that I now know more about the I-70 Courtesy Patrol program and can speak about it to our readers."

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