Kudos for Wolf Creek Pass Maintenance

Paul Peters of Littleton, CO, who drives a commercial truck, recently e-mailed CDOT Public Relations to say,

"CDOT does a great job plowing Wolf Creek pass, which I experience from time to time as a truck driver.  For overall safety and efficiency, CDOT does a stellar job of clearing the pass during and after a storm."

CDOT employees responsible for maintaining Wolf Creek Pass, U.S. 160, are all members of Patrol 18, Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, Region 5.  They are:  Kevin Chavez (TM-II); Chris Brown, Stephen Brown; Jay Brush, Ted Dooley; Lerry Jelinek; Marcus Katsos; Tyler Kyffin; Clifford Mansanares; Brandon McDonald; Brett Murelle; and Clint QuintanaGeorge Hudran is the TM-III responsible for the Wolf Creek Corridor.

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