Kudos to R4 Maintenance From Co-Workers

Two snowstorms recently hit northern and northeastern Colorado, bringing much-needed moisture but in a very inconvenient form.

Eight employees of the Region 4 Right of Way Section recently sent this message to their counterparts in Greeley Maintenance Section 1, who have been hard at work around-the-clock to battle snow, water, freezing temperatures and high winds ever since the storm moved into the area on Monday morning, April 15.

They said:  "We want to thank you for your efforts in this recent storm.  And we want to let you know that we receive many compliments about your work from the property owners we come in contact with while working on projects."

The communication, which included an excellent photo of a CDOT snowplow truck taken from a highway overpass, was signed by Bob Grube; Dan Michna; Peter Sulmeisters; Lisa Gerondale; Rich Barker; Tom Nicholas; Jeff Nading; Nancy Bullock; and Don Mitchell.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way.  Hats off to the R4 Right of Way folks for taking the time to make this kind gesture.  Perhaps others at CDOT will be inspired to do the same.

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