Return of Wallet Saves Major Hassle

Bart Simpson (that's his real name - don't worry, he's already heard all the chuckles and jokes about it) of Evergreen called the CDOT Office of Communications on Dec. 5 to report that a wallet he lost two weeks earlier on Nov. 23, at or near a restaurant in Lakewood was returned by a CDOT employee.

The wallet was lost near Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood.  Simpson knew the wallet had been found by someone who isn't a CDOT employee, because activity on a debit card in the wallet meant that a considerable amount of money was gone.

The wallet was found by James Barajas (TM-II, Patrol 30 at Blakeland, Denver Maintenance Section 5, Region 1) along Sixth Avenue near Wadsworth in Lakewood after it was apparently dumped there.  The debit card had already been used and a small amount of cash was gone, but otherwise it was intact.  "That meant a lot to me, because I had so many important cards and documents in it, including information regarding my wife, who is undergoing medical treatment," Simpson said.

What also meant a lot to him was the fact that Barajas went to great lengths to find him and return the wallet.  "Nothing in it had my phone number," Simpson reported.  "James spent a lot of time tracking me down, and I really appreciate it.  He saved me a lot of hassle; I was just getting ready to get my driver's license replaced.

"I thanked James when I met him to exchange the wallet, but I wanted to thank him again this way," Simpson concluded.

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