Tire Change Help Appreciated

Sue Hopkins of Littleton called CDOT on Friday, Nov. 1, to report that when she had a flat tire in what she described as a "precious location" at the interchange of C-470 and Santa Fe in the southwest Denver metro area, CDOT employees came to her rescue.

"I had my hazard flashers on, but I sat there wondering if I would going to get rear-ended," she recalled.  Then a CDOT truck pulled up and Denver Maintenance Section 5, Region 1, employees Thomas Siemek, Jamie "Walt" Lopez, Phil Ledezma, and Craig Elmer were on the scene.

"They did an awesome job of helping me out," Hopkins said.  "I just wanted to let someone know.  Traffic was heavy at the time and I didn't know what I was going to do.  Many thanks to them."

Siemek, who works for Patrol 7 at Denver, and his co-worker from Patrol 7, Walt Lopez, first saw the stranded car in a through-land of the offramp.  They soon discovered that Hopkins didn't have the correct tools in her vehicle to get the tire change, so they put in a call to Ledezma and Elmer, who work with nearby Patrol 30 at Blakeland and were on an attenuator project at the time.  Ledezma and Elmer grabbed the proper equipment and hustled to the scene, where Siemek was able to get the tire changed and get Hopkins on her way.  Lopez stayed in the first responder truck to act as an buffer for the stranded vehicle.  Fortunately, no one hit either of the vehicles.

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