Work on Vail Pass Bike Path Appreciated

CDOT Region 3 Transportation Director Dave Eller recently received a letter from Andy Day, Mayor of Vail, regarding CDOT efforts to improve and open the Vail Pass bike path for the summer season.

Mayor Day wrote, in part: "Thank you for the superlative job your crews did this spring and early summer in preparation for the onslaught of bicycle traffic over Vail Pass.  As you know, this is an extremely popular ride for locals and guests alike, and the earlier in the season it's open, the more satisfied everyone is.  This year, I'm delighted to report that everyone is happy!"

Mayor Day added that he and his constituents "are especially gratified when we see CDOT taking such early initiative to get the pass open and ready for riders."

He concluded, "We truly appreciate the close working relationship we've developed over the years and the fact that CDOT is so sensitive about this community's biking needs.  Thank you for all you do!"

Andy Garcia, TM-III at West Vail Pass for Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3, summarized the work that Section 2 employees put into getting the west side of the bike path opened.  "We removed snow left over from winter, then we had a lot of culvert work to do.  We did a lot of tree and willow trimming to eliminate any sightline hazards.  Finally, we had trash and sand removal from the path to open it for summer," he reported.

Jered Morgan, TM-III at Summit County for Section 2, oversees a patrol that takes care of the east side of the bike path from Vail Pass down into Summit County.  "We had pretty much the same jobs to do on the east side of the pass," he reported.  "There are bridge issues along the path, and right now engineering is working on the cross-creek bridges, but we were able to work around the heavy equipment to do our snow removal, trimming, and cleaning up."

Members of Patrol 40 at West Vail Pass who worked on spring bike path preparations were TM-II Ron Johnson and TM-Is Steve Gunion, Mike Passig, Tracy Fenter, Wendy Brouse, Joe Skcherbeek, Aaron Galleece, Mark Rittersdorf, and Jason Zumwalt.

Patrol 44 members who prepared the east side of the bike path this spring are TM-II Cliff Lenard and TM-Is Andrew Siegel, Ben Sokolski, Chuck Collison, and Cory Morlan.

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