Appreciation for Work on Red Mountain Pass

Daniel Flemming, who lives in the Orchard City area on the south side of Grand Mesa in Delta County, has reason to drive U.S. 550 south from Ouray over Red Mountain Pass and on to Durango occasionally because his daughter is in school at Fort Lewis College, called the CDOT Office of Communications on Feb. 6 to say thanks for the hard work to get U.S. 550 open once again following persistent rockfall problems in the area.

"We took our daughter back to Durango after the holidays on Jan. 12, and despite a major snowstorm, your crews had the road in good shape," Flemming reported.  "We didn't attempt to go back home that night because the storm worsened.  Instead, we waited until the morning of Jan. 13, and we drove through when I believe was the first part of the rockfall problems.  When we went through, the rocks were small, maybe the size of golf balls."  Shortly afterward, more and bigger rocks came down, and the highway was closed while the problem was being addressed.  CDOT Region 5 was hoping to get the road open completely on Friday, Feb. 7.

"I want to say that your folks do such a great job of keeping the pass open," Flemming said.  "I just wanted to call and make sure you knew that I appreciate your public service."  Flemming himself knows more than a little about service; he is retired from the U.S. Navy.

"Keep up the good work," he concluded.  "That road is our lifeline back and forth with our daughter."

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