Bicyclist Appreciates CDOT Assist

On Tuesday, Nov. 25, a bicyclist, Allen, was on his way from Boulder to meet friends in Lakewood.  He was riding east along SH 128 east of SH 93, southeast of Boulder, when a major wind gust knocked him off his bicycle and into a patch of cactus.  As you can imagine, the landing was anything but pleasant.  Fortunately, he suffered no major injuries, but he had cactus needles to pull out of his hands and arms.

He was along the roadside, wondering what to do, when CDOT employees Tim Martinez (TM-II, Patrol 14 at Arvada for Denver Maintenance Section 5, Region 1) and his co-worker, Equipment Operator Ken Mahnken, happened by in their one-ton truck.  Martinez estimated that wind gusts were approaching 60 mph or more at that time.

"He was pretty shaken up," Martinez recalled.  "It was cold and windy, and he had a long ways to go.  We were going back that way, so we offered to put his bike in the bed of our truck and give him a ride into Lakewood."

During the trip, Martinez admitted he was concerned that the cyclist may have hit his head.  "I asked him about that a couple of times, but he said he didn't hit his head.  He said he was just shaken up."

Martinez and Mahnken got the cyclist to his destination.  A few days later, he called the CDOT Office of Communications to say, "Tim and Ken saved me during my bicycle jaunt.  I really want to thank them."

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