Citizen Appreciates Travel, Weather Advice

Stephanie Harman of Ft. Morgan left home on June 6 bound for Rapid City, SD.  At Sterling, she got on the wrong road and was well on her way to Holyoke on U.S. Hwy. 6 when she pulled off to figure out where she went wrong and what she needed to do.

"One of your employees topped to make sure that my son and I were okay at about 3:30 p.m.," she reported.  "Not only did this gentleman give me directions on how to get back on the right road, but he also told us about the horrible weather we were gong to be headed into and suggested we stop off in Sterling until the storm passed.  Because of his advice, we missed driving into some very bad weather conditions and were ultimately able to get on our way safely.  I'm so glad to know there are some really good people out there."

The help came from Kelly Herod, TM-I for Patrol 36 at Holyoke, Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4.

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