DUI Checkpoint Draws Kudo from Mayor

Robert Ellis, who serves as major of the small south-central Kansas town of Haviland, wrote to the CDOT website on July 9 to say:

"I find that when someone has a complaint, they get right on it.  But if they have a compliment, it takes a while and maybe they never get it done.  That's what has happened here.  We encountered a DUI checkpoint on Alameda Avenue on July 12, 2014, and I was pleased to see law enforcement out doing this important operation.  It is money well spent.  I have had a house in Jefferson County for the past 18 summers and have encountered only one other DUI checkpoint (it was on SH 8 near The Fort) several years ago.  Now that Colorado has legalized marijuana, I am afraid you will have more impaired drivers.

"Anyway, keep the heat turned on and try to save some more lives."

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