Help in Glenwood Canyon Appreciated

Dora Nelson of Bakersfield, CA, was driving across Colorado on I-70 on Dec. 21 when she got into some difficulty in Glenwood Canyon, about nine miles east of Glenwood Springs.  She was traveling to visit her brother, who had moved to Boulder, and to spend time with her parents, who were driving to Boulder from Wisconsin for the holiday.

Her vehicle died on a hill eastbound midway in the canyon.  She wrote:

"I had no cell phone reception and thought I might have to spend the night on the side of the road.  I finally found a spot where I could call for help, and within minutes two men in CDOT trucks came to assist me.  They called a flat bed tow truck, which arrived in a very short time.

"I want to say thank you to Tom Rogers and Dan Mortensen (both TMs-I at Hanging Lake Tunnels, Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3) who were able to help me during the storm while handling other difficult traffic situations that occurred on that same stretch of road.  They took me to the No Name rest area and followed after me to Glenwood Springs to ensure that I made it to a safe place for the night," Nelson wrote.

She added that although they could have been critical of her self-described 'ignorance and lack of preparation' while traveling in Colorado, Rogers and Mortensen were instead "kind and courteous, friendly and professional."  She said they gave her excellent safety and travel advice for when her trip resumed.  "I am extremely grateful to them," she concluded.

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