Help on Icy Roads in CO Springs

Alannah Crow of Fountain, CO, was driving on I-25 attempting to exit at Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs on Jan. 31 when trouble struck.  She e-mailed:

"I became stuck on the icy road in the middle of traffic as my vehicle is rear-wheel-drive.  I had my hazard lights on and called my insurance company for a tow.  However, a CDOT worker who was headed onto Fillmore as well was gracious and kind enough to stop and assist me despite the dangerous location due to oncoming traffic from the freeway.  He almost fell on the ice himself.  I wasn't able to get his name, but he was my hero this morning.  VERY kind and helpful.  Thank you."

Assisting Crow with her slippery situation was Orlando Julien, TM-I for Patrol 69 at Colorado Springs, Pueblo Maintenance Section 4, Region 2.

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