Kudos for I-70 in Clear Creek

Steve O'Connor e-mailed CDOT on Monday, Aug. 14, to say:

"I just wanted to stay good job to you all!  During a trip back from the mountains last night, driving eastbound through Idaho Springs around 10 p.m., I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of not only the surface of the highway, but the reflectors in use.  They are amazing!  It has been a few months since driving that section of I-70 but through there I felt safe because I could see the lanes.  The reflectors are bright but not obnoxious."

He added, "Please, if you can, focus on installing those reflectors wherever you can rather than widening highways.  I know you all probably don't get this a lot but keep up the good work there, and continue it all along I-70 and I-25, or wherever you can!"

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