Memorable Response to I-70 Accident

In his job as Electrical Trades I for CDOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems Division, a part of the Transportation Systems Management & Operations Branch, Joshua Zwart spends a good amount of time on the state highway system.

One morning in May, as he was responding to a possible fiber optic cable hit in the Empire maintenance yard, he was westbound on I-70 when he encountered a vehicle accident which resulted in debris scattered across the #2 and #3 lanes of the freeway.  It was then that he realized he was among the first on-scene; no emergency service or law enforcement had yet arrived.

Zwart first positioned his truck with flashing emergency lights across the two debris-strewn lanes in order to move westbound traffic into the #1 lane.  He called 911 to report the mishap, and he stayed in touch with the Traffic Operations Center so that appropriate messages could be posted on the overhead message boards.

When the State Patrol arrived, Zwart was asked to stay on-scene to help control traffic so that rescue crew could work safely to extricate the driver.  Some time later, a Flight for Life helicopter landed on I-70 to transport the vehicle's occupant for medical treatment.

Zwart was thanked for his efforts and then proceeded to the Empire yard to complete his assignment there.

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