Motorist Appreciates CDOT Assist

Lindsay Rouse was on her way onto I-25 southbound on Monday, Jan. 6, just before 6 a.m. at the Johnstown Exit.  She wrote, "I hit a patch of ice and spun out on the highway.  I ended up facing the wrong direction at the end of the merge lane.  There was quite a bit of traffic even at that early hour and getting back onto the highway seemed impossible.  I was worried that someone was going to run into me."

Within a few minutes, a CDOT plow truck came down the onramp.  "Your driver saw my predicament and not only slowed down, but also merged slowly over into the right lane to slow down traffic so that I could turn my car around and get back on the road.  I don't know if you can identify that driver, but if you do please tell them that I am extremely grateful for their kindness this morning after a scary experience," Rouse added.

Al Roys, TM-III at Frederick for Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4, reported that Zach Junk (TM-II for Patrol 9 at Frederick) and Bill Carmen (TM-I for Patrol 9) were plowing in that area following two long days of cold and persistent snowfall.  It was Zach Junk who saw the vehicle and positioned his plow so that the driver could get her car turned in the right direction and head on down the freeway.

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