Quick CDOT Response, Info Appreciated

Stephanie Rybarczyk of Thornton e-mailed CDOT on April 14 to express concern about the striping of lanes along I-25 in the vicinity of 120th in Thornton.  Her e-mail arrived via the CDOT website to the Office of Communications and was then passed along to the project engineer.

Ms. Rybarczyk wrote, in part, "I noticed that the lines separating the lanes had been repainted.  The middle lane is very narrow from 84th all the way to 120th."  She added, "I know construction is a work in progress.  Thanks for your hard work and all the things you do for those of us up north."

CDOT Region 1 Project Engineer Andy Stratton responded to Rybarczyk the same evening and explained how the lanes had been striped during construction.  "The middle lane is restriped to a width of 11 feet, the same as the restriped left lane," he said.  "Eleven feet is the typical width used through construction zones on the interstate.  We were able to keep the right lane at 12 feet to help with larger truck traffic and merge movements at the interchanges."  He explained that the 11 foot widths are necessary so that crews will have enough room to reconstruct the outside shoulders.

Rybarczyk was pleased with the response.  She wrote, "Thank you for your explanation and for getting back to me so quickly.  I had such a positive experience dealing with CDOT on this concern, and I am very pleased with you all."

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