Citizen Grateful for Wallet's Return

On Aug. 9, Jason Whisner (TM-II, Patrol 9 at Frederick, Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4) and his co-worker David Pollitt (on loan to Patrol 9 from Patrol 12 at Nederland) were dispatched to pick up a ladder that had fallen off a truck and was lying in I-25 traffic.

"We were at about the Erie exit (MP 232) and we were proceeding along the should of the road when we saw a wallet laying there," Whisner recalled.  "We're always looking for things out of the ordinary.  We never did find the ladder, though."

The wallet was intact.  "Fortunately, the owner's business card was in there.  I called him, he asked where we were located, and he came by our patrol facility at SH 52 and I-25 to pick it up," Whisner said.

The owner Keith Hancock, who lives in the Loveland/Ft. Collins area.  He e-mailed the following to CDOT Communications the following morning:

"A very special thank you to Patrol 9, Jason and Patch (Pollitt)!  They found my wallet that I lost last night.  It is a miracle and I appreciate it thoroughly."

It turned out that Hancock had re-driven his travel route that same evening without finding the wallet.  He had proactively canceled credit cards, which turned out not to be necessary because everything in the wallet was intact.

"We find all kinds of stuff out on the freeway," Whisner said.  "From mattresses to power tools to couches.  Sometimes we wonder how all that stuff manages to fall off trucks and other vehicles."

Sometimes finding the owner of a wallet isn't so easy.  "The next day we found a kid's billfold along the road," Whisner recalled.  "It had been run over and blown up, and everything was scattered for about 300 yards.  We didn't have any way to find him, so we turned that one over to the State Patrol."

Nevertheless, when everything works, it's always a good feeling to get someone's property back to them.

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