Grateful for Assistance on Monarch Pass

Sallie Printz recently wrote to Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, Region 5, to say thanks for help she and her traveling party receive when they had vehicle trouble on Monarch Pass on June 31.  She wrote:

"We were traveling over Monarch pulling a 40-foot fifth wheel trailer with a pickup.  The pickup overheated and shut off; fortunately, we had just pulled off the highway.  First we waited for the engine to cool down in hopes that the pickup would start again.  No luck.  My husband caught a ride to the top of the pass to call for help.  Shortly afterward, a CDOT truck stopped and two gentlemen asked if they could help."

Darryl Wilson (TM-II, Patrol 11 at Monarch Pass West) and his co-worker Jeff Boyce (TM-I, Patrol 27 at Johnson Village) tinkered with the truck for a while, then called a friend who is a mechanic.  They finally succeeded in getting the pickup truck started.  "We had no more problems with it all the way to Texas," Printz wrote.  "They also gave me a ride to the top so I could catch my husband so he could cancel help that was coming from pretty far away."

She concluded, "I wanted you to know what wonderful employees you have."

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