Kudos for CDOT Snowplowing Efforts

Henry from Castle Rock e-mailed CDOT on Feb. 26 to say:

"I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job clearing the roads last night.  This morning (about 5:45 a.m.) on my way to work, I got behind four snowplows headed north on I-25 between Castle Rock and Lincoln.  The four plow drivers operated in complete unison with each other, clearing all four lanes with ease and precision.  It was amazing to watch and gave me such an appreciation for the skills needed to perform this job safely and efficiently.  Please give a huge shout out to all your drivers and especially to the four who gave me the safe and worry-free escort to work this morning."

The thanks go to CDOT employees Mark Kyrimis, Christopher Vigil, Harry Sedlak, and Kevin Cahoon.   Kyrimis is TM-II for Patrol 25 at Castle Rock.  Vigil, Sedlak, and Cahoon are all Transportation Maintenance Workers I.

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