Kudos for Quick I-25 Repairs

Mark Beaman of Northglenn called CDOT Communications on Aug. 18 to express his please with a repair that had been made on I-25 near I-76 after he called to express concern about the situation.

"There was this place where some concrete slabs came together.  It was eroding there, and that spot cost some people their tires," Beaman explained.  He called CDOT Communications, conveyed his concerns to Tina Littleton, one of the office's Customer Service Representatives, and Littleton sent the concern on to Denver Maintenance Section 5.

Patrol 5 at Denver has ready for the challenge.  "We had the necessary equipment here to do the job, so it was handled early this morning (Tuesday, Aug. 18), by the members of Patrol 5," explained Angelo Trujillo, TM-II for neighboring Patrol 6.

Handling the repairs were Chuck States, the new TM-II for Patrol 5; and his patrol members Manual Pescador, Regis Ware, and Jamie Gutierrez.  The asphalt repairs took care of the holes and sharp concrete edges that were creating the problem..

Beaman was very happy with the result.  "I couldn't imagine they could get at that problem as fast as they did," he said.  "The problem was gone when I went through there this morning.  Impressive!  I know how people like to complain, so I think it's only fair to pass along the kudo.  Please thank them for me."

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