Motorcycle Mishap Victim Thanks CDOT

Curt Hirsch of Hudson e-mailed CDOT on June 15 to say the following:

"I would like to thank the CDOT men who helped me out on June 2nd at about 8 a.m. on I-76 near the 120th exit when I put my Harley down in the left lane.  Your employees pulled up behind me and put their blinkers on to stop traffic from running over me while I was rolling down the freeway.  They also took care of me while waiting for the paramedics and police.  I appreciate the help and concern and would like to express my thanks."

Ricky Bogs (TM-II) and Matt Daigle (TMI), both from Patrol 19 at Commerce City, were first on scene.  Pete Richards (TM-III) and Larry Thompson (TM-II, Patrol 28 at Brighton) also responded to assist.  All four work for Denver Maintenance Section 5, Region 1.

Fortunately, CDOT was doing a milling project just up I-76 at 136th; the employees were nearby to be able to respond quickly and help out.

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