Thankful for Help in Glenwood Canyon

Pam Gardner wrote the following to CDOT on September 14:

"I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance I received from CDOT employee Dan Mortensen and his coworker Jim Foss, on Friday, September 11. 

"My car stalled on I-70 in a most inconvenient section of Glenwood Canyon, right in the midst of extensive roadwork and traffic delays.  My car would not start after a lengthy wait in the canyon, and it was in a spot that made navigating around me difficult for other travelers. 

"They drove past me going the other direction on I-70.  They asked what the trouble was, reassured me that they would return with help, and within minutes returned to offer their assistance.  They were both so professional, competent, and kind.  It was an unnerving experience, with so many cars and only one lane of traffic open, with drivers impatiently speeding around my stalled car. 

"Without their assistance, I seriously do not know what I would have done.  It was late on a Friday afternoon and I am sure they had many other things they needed to do, but they were patient and conveyed a sense of calm which I much needed!   It was evident that they were concerned not only with my safety but the safety of everyone driving in the canyon that afternoon. 
"Please convey my appreciation for the actions of these two men to them and their supervisors.  Thank you!"
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