Tire Help in Glenwood Canyon Appreciated

D.L. Smith of Grand Junction was driving on I-70 westbound on Feb. 1, Super Bowl Sunday, when he hit some debris in the road just east of Hanging Lake Tunnels.  His right rear tire was damaged, forcing him to pull off the freeway in a spot where he had enough room to change the tire.  He wrote:

"I was in the process of the tire change when two CDOT employees stopped alongside me and assisted me in changing the tire.  Their help was greatly appreciated."  Responders were Tonya Mercier and Dan Eddy, both Transportation Maintenance Workers I based at the Hanging Lake Tunnels.

He reported that the CDOT employees told him his vehicle was on camera and that officials at Hanging Lake control center had closed the left westbound lane temporarily to reduce the chances of a vehicle hitting Smith or his vehicle.  When some drivers didn't seem to be obeying the lane closure, Smith said Mercier actively waved traffic to slow down and merge over into the proper lane, "at risk to her life and limb."

"Many thanks to CDOT and your staff at Hanging Lake Tunnels for their valuable and much appreciated assistance," he concluded.

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