Citizen "In Awe" of Winter Road Maintenance

Ellie Deuter of Montrose e-mailed CDOT on Jan. 19 to say:

"My husband and I travel a lot in the winter for his business.  We are in awe of how quickly and efficiently you clear the roads.  You people do an amazing job and we are very grateful.  Now if you could just get all the people off the road who don't understand that 4WD helps you go but doesn't help you stop. Just kidding.

"Thank you again for all your efforts!  If it were up to me you would be the highest paid people in the whole state."

Mrs. Deuter went on to explain that she and her husband typically travel one of three routes from Montrose:  via Ridgway, Dallas Divide, Lizard Head Pass, and Four Corners on to Arizona; via U.S. 50 to Gunnison, then SH 114 over North Pass to the San Luis Valley en route to Santa Fe, NM; and U.S. 50 over Monarch Pass, then U.S. 285 over Kenosha Pass and on to Denver.  So if you're a CDOT employee who works on any of these corridors, this kudo is for you.

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