Compliments for Helpful R2 CDOT Employees

On Jan. 21, Terry Outlaw sent the following e-mail to CDOT Region 2 Transportation Director Karen Rowe:

"I am writing to you to commend the services of two of your employees, Debra Duncan and Michelle Regalado.  I called on January 15 hoping to find out if there was some road work being done near my neighborhood.  I spoke to Michelle for a bit and she answered the questions she could, and said she would check further and get back to me with more answers. Today I received a call back from Debra who gave me more information and said she'd check on one more inquiry I had.  She was able to get back to me this afternoon with an answer.  

"Both of these ladies were polite and informative, and I was impressed that they did some research and returned my call.  It's good to know that the Colorado DOT office has such qualified and helpful individuals working there.  I greatly appreciate the assistance I received from Debra and Michelle.

Regalado works for the Region 2 Business Office; Duncan works for the R2 Traffic & Safety Office.  Both are Region 2 Customer Service Representatives as well.

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