Gene Hapl Honored for Assistance to Trooper

On December 18, 2015, CDOT Maintenance Supervisor Gene Hapl (TM-III at Poncha Springs, Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, Region 5) heard a radio transmission that a Colorado State Patrol trooper, Stephen P. Hall, had been struck by a passing vehicle during a traffic contact.

Hapl was off duty but was on call that night.  He was heading out to pick up his grandson when he heard the call.  Even though he was in his personal car, he always has his packset radio on.

He proceeded to the scene, checked on Trooper Hall, and then secured the area to make sure that another collision with a passing vehicle would not occur to matters even worse.

Recently, the State Patrol presented Hapl a plaque which read, in part:  "Mr. Hapl's quick and unwavering response not only provided a safe environment for Trooper Hall, but for everyone involved.  He not only controlled the scene and checked on injuries, but may very well have prevent this incident from becoming more dangerous.  Mr. Hapl is to be commended for his actions, as he not only helped calm Trooper Hall and check on his injuries, but helped to maintain a safe scene for Trooper Hall until further assistance could arrive." 

Hapl said he was glad he could help.  "CSP does a lot for us up here, so I was glad to help them out for a change," he said.  "We're like family up here."

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