I-70 Flat Tire Help Appreciated

Patrick Masterson called CDOT Communications on March 14 to report on help he received from CDOT when he had a flat tire near the Genesee exit on I-70 at Exit 251, located in the foothills just above Denver.  He reported,

"I had a flat tire while traveling eastbound on I-70.  Joe, who works for Patrol 35, was kind enough to stop and give me some light while trying to change my tire.  Unfortunately, I was missing the key to my lug nuts and had to be towed.  Joe was kind enough to offer me a phone if I needed and offered to stay while I tried getting ahold of someone."

The kudo belongs to Joe Sanchez, TM-I for Patrol 35 at Golden, Eisenhower Tunnels Maintenance Section 9, Region 1.

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