Kudos for Maintenance on I-76

Andrew Thode e-mailed the following to CDOT on Feb. 3:

"During the storm Feb. 1 & 2, the crew working on I-76 from Julesburg to Crook did a phenomenal job and should be recognized for a job well done.  Thanks for the long hours and energy you spend for the citizens of Colorado."

That stretch of I-76 crosses through two patrol areas, Patrol 32 at Crook and Patrol 34 at Julesburg.  Patrol members are:

  • Patrol 32 TM-II - Gary Ricken
  • Patrol 32 TM- I - Mike Foster
  • Patrol 32 TM- I - Bryce Munson, who is assisting from Patrol 34
  • Patrol 34 TM-II - Rich Loos
  • Patrol 34 TM I - Shane Baxter
  • Patrol 34 TM-I - Richard Kehm
  • Patrol 34 TM-I - Andy Schneider
  • Patrol 34 TM-I - Kacey Campbell
  • Patrol 34 TM I - Tom Gann

Supervisors for the Patrols are Jeff Berkheimer, TM-III at Julesburg, and Zach Junk, TM-III at Crook.  Berkheimer noted, "This was definitely a team effort on the part of these employees; we were two men short on Patrol 32."

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