US 24 Buena Vista Enhancement Project

From August 2016 to June 2017, crews will make improvements to US 24 from mile points 209.8 to 212.9, to provide the Town of Buena Vista an upgraded business corridor.

Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $10 million
    (RAMP partnership with the Town of Buena Vista)

Improvement Area

  • 3 miles and Town thoroughfare

Project Team

  • Contractor: A&S Construction

Project Benefits

The project is anticipated to reduce vehicular accidents and improve safety for all modes of travel. The work will reconstruct US 24 and enhance several blocks in Buena Vista's downtown area.

Benefits include:

  • new US 24 access control from Mill Street to Crossman Avenue;
  • an asphalt overlay north of Crossman Avenue and south of Mill Street;
  • storm sewer and drainage improvements to reduce flooding;
  • enhanced left and right-turn pockets at the intersection of Main Street and US 24;
  • updated pedestrian crosswalks and sidewalks along US 24;
  • ADA ramps at intersections and dedicated driveways to businesses;
  • relocation and upgrades of street lighting;
  • asphalt resurfacing and enhanced striping and delineation; and
  • improved electronic intersection signalization for emergency vehicles.

Project Schedule & Hours

Construction crews began work the second week of August 2016. Work on the main business corridor of US 24 is on schedule to be completed by late June 2017.

Normal working hours are 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. No work is planned during local special events or on major holiday weekends. Potential night and weekend work can be expected.

Major Phases

  • Early August - November 2016: West side of US 24
  • November 2016 - April 2017: East side of US 24
  • April-May 2017: Median concrete islands
  • April-May 2017: Project-wide asphalt replacement
  • Mid-May - Mid-June 2017: Finalizing lighting and signal work

Traffic Impacts

Posted speed limits of 35 mph are maintained throughout the construction zone. One lane of the highway is open in both directions.

Intersections will be maintained during construction, with temporary alignments for turn lanes at certain areas. Access to businesses will be accommodated throughout the construction zone.

Please use caution and stay alert while traveling through the construction zone.

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