BridgeThe purpose of the Colorado Bridge Enterprise is to finance, repair, reconstruct and replace structurally deficient bridges. This program is funded through a vehicle registration bridge safety surcharge.
HPTEThe High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) was formed to aggressively pursue innovative means of more efficiently financing important surface transportation infrastructure projects.

PlaneThe Colorado Division of Aeronautics promotes partnering with its public and private constituents through the efficient administration of the Colorado Aviation Fund.

BusWorking in coordination with other transit and rail providers to plan, promote, and implement investments in transit and rail services statewide.
EnvironmentalAssists the Transportation Commission, the Division of Transportation Engineering, and CDOT executive management in developing environmental policy, procedures, programmatic agreements, environmental data.
TransportationMattersCDOT works extensively with the 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs), local elected officials and the public to ensure that everyone has a voice in the statewide and regional planning processes.

ExpressLanesCDOT has entered a new era of transportation – it’s an era defined by innovation and driven by necessity. Moving people or groups from place to place, job to job, or facilitating economic growth is the definition of mobility.

BikePedCDOT recognizes the benefits of walking and bicycling and highly recommends their use for commuting, running errands and recreation.
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