PDF Files

File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile AWOS Card
As of April 22, 2016.
File PDF document 2008EconomicImact
Executive Summary
File PDF document 2008EconImpact_TechRep
2008 Economic Impact Study Technical Report.
File PDF document 2003EconomicImpact
2003 Economic Impact Executive Summary
File PDF document SenateBill49
Senate Bill 49
File PDF document SIB_RulesRegs
SIB Program Rules and Regulations.
File PDF document SIBApplication
SIB Loan Application
File application/ FuelTaxForm_Fillable
Fillable Fuel Tax Form
File PDF document FuelTaxForm_ReadOnly
Read-Only Fuel Tax Form
File PDF document FuelTaxReport_2009
2009 Fuel Tax Reimbursement Report.
File PDF document FAR Part 77
Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace
File PDF document DUNS Number Guide
File PDF document CDAG_Historical_1995_2010
Historical CDAG Awarded 1995-2010
Annual Reports
File Troff document 1995-2010 CDAG History by Airport
File PDF document faa74801.pdf
File Colorado Aeronautical Board Resolution 11-01
Resoltion 11-01 states the Colorado Aeronautical Board's (CAB) position regarding the November 2, 2010 Colorado general election ballot measures; Amendment 60, Amendment 61, and Proposition 101.
File PDF document InternGrantApp
File application/ms-word InternGrantApp
File FY2010 Fuel Tax Refunds
File MOU Between CAB and State Electrical Board
File Grant Management Manual
Approved September 17th, 2010
Colorado Airport Directory
Grant Reports
File Doss Training Areas
File Public Service Recognition Week
File PDF document GAAppreciationMonth
Mountain Wave Newsletter
Colorado Mountain Airport Study
File PDF document Manual062411.4
File 2011 Fuel Tax Refunds Report
File 2011 SIB Loan Application
File Grant Management Manual - Rev. October 28, 2011
File Colorado Airport System Map
File SIB Application - Revised April 2012
SIB Application - Revised April 2012
File PDF document White Paper - Rev. 05-31-2012
The Colorado Aviation Fund White Paper. Sponsored by the Colorado Airport Operators Association.
File PDF document GeneralAviationMonth2012
File FY 2012 Fuel Tax Refunds
File PDF document COSTrainingAreas2012
File Pascal source code 2015 Colorado Legislative Districts & Airport Maps
This PDF file contains maps of the 2015 Colorado Legislative District Maps along with the locations of Colorado's Public-Use airports. Contains a comprehensive listing of each Congressional and House representative by airport.
File PDF document FY2013 Fuel Tax Refunds
File Education Grant Guidelines
File PDF document 2013 EIS Executive Summary
File 2013 Economic Impact Study - TECHNICAL REPORT
File 2010 Colorado Mountain Airport Study
2013 Economic Impact Study
File Pascal source code 2014 Legislative Districts and Airport Map Brochure
File SIB Procedural Directive (Effective 02/10/2015)
File PDF document GA Appreciation Month
File PDF document FY2014 Aviation Fuel Tax Refunds
File Troff document CAB 111914 Packet
File Pascal source code 2016 House and Senate District-Airport Map
File PDF document DOSS Training Areas
File C source code Think Beofore You Launch Safety Guide
File application/ FuelTaxForm_xls_rev073015
File PDF document FuelTaxForm_PDF_rev073015
File Doss MACA Chart 2015
File USAFA MACA Chart 2016
File PDF document 2015 Jim Morasch / Jerry Olson Memorial Scholarships
The Northwest Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (NWAAAE) is dedicated to supporting student efforts in their desire to become aviation professionals. To further this objective, the NWAAAE offers a Scholarship for students who are pursuing degrees in aviation. Four scholarships will be awarded annually by the NWAAAE in the amount of $1000/scholarship. Two scholarships will go to students residing in Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Utah or Wyoming. Two scholarships will go to students residing in the Northwest Territories, and the provinces of the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan of Canada. Applicants must be pursuing a degree in an aviation related field. Applications and all supporting documents for the 2015 Scholarships must be received by November 30th with scholarships awarded by December 31, 2015. For more information please visit or contact one of the NWAAAE Scholarship co-chairs
File FAA Based Aircraft User Guide
File 2016 CAB Calendar
File PDF document FY2015 Fuel Tax Disbursements
FY 2015 Fuel Tax Disbursements.
File PDF document Division's Financial Look Forward
File Programs & Procedures Manual
File Pascal source code 2016 - 99s Scholarship Information
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Financial Dashboard - March 2016
File Letter from the director
File Internship: Colorado Springs Municipal Airport
Internship Opportunity for the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. Position closes May 13, 2016.
File Proclamation: June 2016 General Aviation Appreciation Month
File Proclamation: Fremont County Airport Day
June 1st, 2016
File Proclamation: Rifle Garfield County Airport Day
June 2nd, 2016
File Proclamation: Centennial Airport Day
June 3rd, 2016
File AEFCO Summer Experience 2016 Flight Ops
File PDF document Craig Aviation Awareness Day
City of Craig, CO Mayor Ray Beck declares June 2016 as General Aviation Awareness Month for the City of Craig, Colorado.
File WIMS Portal User's Manual, v1.0 2016
File CPA Airport Recognition Program
File PDF document VW CDPHE Request for Comments.pdf
File PDF document VW Stakeholder Meeting Agenda 2016.11.07.pdf
File PDF document Workshop_101816_Final.pdf
File chemical/x-molconn-Z FY 2016 Aviation Fuel Tax Disbursements by Airport
File Pascal source code 2017 Colorado Legislative Districts & Aiports
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile 2017 Financial Look Forward
File 2017 CAB Legislative Resolution - 01/2017
A resolution outlining the 2017 legislative Positions of the Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB).
File Aeronautics P&P Manual v6.1
File USAF Training Areas
File 2017 Strategic Plan Overview & Background Information
File CIP & CDAG Funding: Important Dates 2017-2018
Aeronautical Charts
File State Controller Letter - 03/2018
File 2018 General Aviation Appreciation Proclamation
File Pascal source code Map: 2018 CAOA Spring Conference Map
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile 2018 Financial Look Foreward
File Aeronautics Internship Job Description
File PDF document CRS Report - Airport Financing 2019.pdf
File Strategic Plan Action Summary - June 7, 2019
File Pascal source code 2019 CIP Workshop
File SLIDES: 2019 CIP Kickoff Workshop - October 17, 2019

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Colorado Division of Aeronautics
5126 Front Range Parkway
Watkins, CO 80137
P: 303.512.5250
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Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Public Meeting Notices


Monday, January 27, 2020 | 10:00 a.m.
General Meeting/State & Local Aviation Grant Hearings

Brown Palace Hotel
321 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

PURPOSE: This meeting is being held in conjunction with the 2020 CAOA Winter Conference & Aviation Legislative Reception.

DOWNLOAD: Coming soon!

WATCH: *Video of this meeting will be recorded and available for later viewing here.

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