CDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

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Highway systems across the nation move trillions of vehicle-miles of traffic each year. Traffic counting programs which have been around for decades allow us to compute such statistics. Such information is used to inform decisions surrounding planning, engineering, and operations. Unfortunately, much less is known about the non-motorized travel habits of bicyclists and pedestrians. A lack of information leaves organizations such as CDOT to make decisions surrounding multi-modal transportation without the complete picture.

To address such data shortfalls, CDOT has created a non-motorized counting program which will provide information to supplement our motorized traffic data statistics. Since 2009 CDOT has installed bicycle and pedestrian counters at various locations throughout the state. To view some of the count information collected click on the links in the map on this page.

Bicycle or Pedestrian Counting Request

CDOT has the ability to perform a limited number of bicycle and pedestrian counts each year. If you are a local government agency, county, or MPO and would like to determine the bicycle or pedestrian usage on a state highway or trail in your area please use the following link to request a count:

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