Walk and Bike to School Colorado!

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Walk to School Colorado is a vision that communities create pedestrian and bicycle friendly neighborhoods where it is safe for all children to walk or bicycle to school.

Do you remember walking or bicycling to school? Wouldn't it be great if all children in Colorado could have those same happy memories? Well, they can. All you have to do is organize a Walk (or Bike) to School Day, a Colorado Walking Wednesday program, or a Walk to School program in your neighborhood.

The idea is simple; parents, teachers, and neighbors walk to school with their children on Walk to School Day. It is fun and energizing, the simple joy of walking to school, plus you get the day off to a healthy start and renew your community spirit with friends and family.

For most communities though, one day isn't enough. What they really want is for children to be able to walk to school every day, which can lead to permanent changes like better sidewalks, safer street crossings, and improved driver and pedestrian behavior. So take the leap to launch a Walk to School Day, you can't imagine what you might be starting!

To learn more details about a Walk to School program in your community, download our extensive ready to use tool kit.

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