Funded Projects

Funded Projects by School Locations: CDOT Regions 1-5

Click on the map to find schools and other organizations in Colorado that have received Safe Routes to School awards since 2005.

Download a statewide list of projects in MS Excel format. This information includes funding sources and amounts.

If your school or community is seeking funding for a Safe Routes to School program, please view the application information below.

There are currently two types of funded SRTS projects:

  1. Infrastructure projects involve capital projects such as sidewalks, stripping for bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossing signs, bicycle racks and other amenities that make it safer for students to walk and bike to and from school.
  2. Non-infrastructure projects involve education, encouragement, and enforcement activities that engage children to walk and bike safely to and from school.

Eligible applicants include: political subdivisions of the state, and nonprofits, by partnering with an eligible applicant as an administrator.