Travel Demand Management (TDM) Program

This program encompasses several tools to help with traffic congestion mitigation by offering alternatives to the single occupant vehicle. It includes Carpooling, Vanpooling, Teleworking, Flexplace, Flextime, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Guaranteed Ride Home Programs, Walking, Bicycling, Parking Management and TDM-friendly Site Design considerations.


1. Flexplace(Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
2. Flextime (Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
3. ITS (Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
4. Guaranteed Ride Home (Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
5. Parking Management (Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
6. TDM-Friendly site design considerations (Excerpts from TDM Tool Kit)
7. Innovative TMA Funding Sources
8. How to Improve Conditions for Pedestrians Handbook
9. Rural and Mountain Community Vanpools Brochure 

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Contact Information

Commuter Choices Program
Carpool / Vanpool / Telecommuting
TMA's / TMO's / TDM/ CMAQ 
4201 E. Arkansas Ave. DTD 
Denver, CO 80222

Transit Program
Interactivity Bus Services Program
4201 E. Arkansas Ave. DTD 
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