Historic Properties Mitigation

Moving Mountains: Colorado’s First Interstate Tunnels

This short film was funded by CDOT as part of the Section 106 mitigation for the Twin Tunnels Environmental Assessment, which evaluated the widening of the eastbound bore of the historic Twin Tunnels complex along Interstate 70 (I-70) just east of Idaho Springs.  The Twin Tunnels were completed in 1961 and are historically significant as the first successful tunneling operation associated with the construction of I-70 and as an important early milestone in the construction of the highway through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The film examines the movement to build the interstate connection west of Denver and the effect of the highway on adjacent communities, including Idaho Springs.

Force of Nature: Passage and Preservation from Georgetown to Silver Plume

This short film was funded by CDOT as part of the Section 106 mitigation for a series of rock fall mitigation projects along a 2-mile stretch of Interstate 70 that extends through the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District. The film examines the history of transportation challenges between Georgetown and Silver Plume and highlights current efforts to address rock fall hazards along this stretch of Interstate 70.

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