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Highways Context

Highways to the Sky: A Context and History of Colorado's Highway System. Completed in 2002, this document includes an historic overview of highway development in Colorado and guidelines for determining National Register eligibility of roads and other road and highway-related resources. The digital version of the Highways To The Sky is now available to online users.

Historic Bridges

Spanning Generations: The Historic Bridges of Colorado is an update to CDOT's 1986 book, Historic Bridges of Colorado: The Colorado Department of Highways. Written by historian Dianna Litvak, the book was developed using a grant from the State Historical Fund and matching funds from CDOT. In addition to an overview of bridge building in Colorado, the new volume features a pictorial history of Colorado's significant bridges and provides information about current bridge preservation issues and strategies. The book also includes a list of the state's bridges that are eligible for or listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as a list of contacts for bridge preservation.

Historic bridge publication
Spanning Generations: The Historic Bridges of Colorado, 2004

In conjunction with Spanning Generations, Ms. Litvak also authored a brochure entitled Driving Tours of Historic Bridges in Fremont County, and Near Interstate 70 West of Denver, Colorado. The pamphlet features thumbnail photos, locational information, maps, and historic background for twelve bridges in Fremont County, and thirteen bridges along the Interstate 70 corridor extending from Vail Pass to Rabbit Valley near the Utah/Colorado border. The brochure was designed for bridge preservationists, local historians, engineering professionals and members of the general public who are interested in visiting some of the state's historically significant bridges.

The book and brochure are available free of charge through CDOT's Environmental Programs Branch. For additional information or to place an order, contact CDOT Senior Staff Historian Lisa Schoch.

Archaeology Publications

A variety of archaeology publications documenting CDOT excavations are available. Contact Dan Jepson for additional information. 

Archaeology Publications
Wolf Spider Shelter publication Exploring the Colorado Frontier publication
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