2019 Revisions to CDOT's NEPA / 404 Merger Completed

Over the last year CDOT, FHWA, and the USACE have been working on revisions to the NEPA / Section 404 Merger agreement. See below for a brief list of the more substantial changes. The document can be found here - 2019 NEPA / 404 Merger Agreement
  • Added language regarding Planning and Environmental Linkages and the use of planning products
  • Removed language about tiered documents
  • Added a paragraph regarding EPA's statutory authority
  • Defined what concurrence and non-concurrence means
  • Specified "30 calendar days" as the comment period for concurrence points
  • Revised Concurrence Pt #3 - process is the same but clarifying language added
  • Inserted sentence regarding Executive Order 13807
  • Added paragraph on design/build
  • Changed two contacts under CDOT in Appendix D

Please contact Becky Pierce for any questions regarding the Merger. 

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