TERC Interests

2006 Topic and Interest Questionnaire Responses

Topics/Area of Interest

Projects and Processes:

  • Conducting NEPA and Section 7 Consultation without knowing when project construction will begin. (USFWS)
  • Mitigation Banking (USACE) - including what other agencies are doing
  • How to effectively merge Section 106 and NEPA (RTD)
  • Section 6002 of SAFETEA-LU, Lessons learned (RTD)
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments - How to make them meaningful (RTD)
  • Bio-Engineering Techniques (USACE)
  • Emergency Actions and What Constitutes them (USACE)
  • Resource agencies discussing best practices with the group (RTD)
  • New Ozone Standard (CDPHE)

Climate and Air Quality:

  • Climate Impacts and Transportation (CDPHE)
  • CDPHE presentation on air quality conditions and trends (MSATS, NOx, ozone, visibility)  (USEPA)
  • FHWA MSAT Interim Guidance
  • Siting highways with respect to ambient levels of MSATs
  • Sustainable project construction techniques

VMT reduction and Energy Conservation:

  • Partnerships to promote efficient vehicles and renewable energy (CDPHE)
  • Mass Transit Opportunities in the State (CDPHE)
  • Reducing VMT - What strategies can be pursued by the group? (USEPA)
  • Reducing VMT - Is this something that CDOT should be considering in addition to VMT (USEPA)
  • EPA region s Green highway Initiative (USEPA)

Other suggestions for adding value:

  • Tie discussions to Governor Ritter's Colorado Promise (CDPHE)
  • Discuss proposed legislation that might impact transportation (CDPHE)
  • All information is appreciated if it enhances communication and understanding of missions/abilities/liabilities.  (USACE)

Programmatic agreements or other streamlining initiatives:

  • Lynx crossings (USFWS)
  • 7(a)(1) programmatic (USFWS)
  • Categorical Exclusions (USACE)
  • Clarify Exemptions (USACE)
  • CDOT agreement to ensure State Waters are protected during construction and maintenance (CDPHE)
  • CDOT commitment to greening pursuant to Greening Govt EO (CDPHE)
  • RTD/FTA & CDOT/FHWA agreement for reviewing environmental documents (RTD)       

Additional thoughts:

  • Majority would like to start discussing individual projects if controversial, if a project would exemplify programmatic compliance, or if a project is precedent-setting.
  • TERC involvement would be most beneficial during planning, or as appropriate.
  • Most respondents preferred looking at multiple projects. 
  • One responder asked whether it was too late to discuss I 70 Mountain Corridor. 
  • One responder noted that it would be difficult to manage and determine the appropriate response to comments from a group of this nature.

Host agency presentation requests:

FTA  - More on programs and day to day activities.

FHWA - Central Federal Lands Highway Division 

Successful Approaches:

  • Host presentations have been interesting/useful
  • Rotating the meeting location has been beneficial
  • Facilities have been adequate
  • Power point presentations are valuable when appropriate.