Permanent Water Quality Program
MS4 Program
Illicit Discharge Program
CDOT seeks to detect and eliminate all illegal discharges. An illegal discharge, often called an illicit discharge, is a discharge to CDOT's storm drain system that could cause pollution. Common pollutants include oil and grease, fertilizers and pesticides, grass clippings and leaves, and any substances that have a "funny" smell or color. CDOT has also developed wallet and visor cards for CDOT employees. The Illicit Discharges Program brochure provides more information.
New Development & Redevelopment Program
Erosion Control & Stormwater Quality Guide (Revised Chapter 5 EC 5&6 July 2014)
Listed by Chapter in PDF Format
Drainage Design Manual
File chemical/x-pdb 2015 EPA Administrative Order on Consent
File application/x-troff-ms 2015 EPA Audit Report for CDOT MS4 Permit Programs
Chief Engineer's Memo concerning EPA Audit
Construction Bulletin - EPA Audit
File SWMP Notebook Tabs
The CDOT SWMP notebook tabs have been updated to meet the 208-Erosion Control standard special provisions issued 3/22/16. Printed copies of the tabs are available from Hydrologic Resources and Ecological Design Unit. Use this link to view the latest tabs.
File PDF document CDOT Pocket Guide (Revised Dec. 2011)
File text/texmacs Utility Permits and Access Permits brochure
File PDF document CDOT Consent Order
File application/x-maker SWMP Notebook
File RealAudio broadcast Contractor Erosion Control Compliance Program
File application/ms-powerpoint BMP Training Facility
File Spreadsheet for Treatment Area and Cost Tables
File PDF document B 1 PPGH PDD.pdf
File PDF document B 2 PPGH IP.pdf
File PDF document C 1 PEO PDD.pdf
File PDF document C 2 PEO IP.pdf
File PDF document D 1 Industrial PDD.pdf
File PDF document D 2 Environmental Clearances Info Summary (May '16).pdf
File Office Word 2007 XML document 2017 3-1 PET Form Directions V1.docx
File Office Word 2007 XML document 2017 3-1 PET Form Final V1.docx
File PDF document 2017 3-1 Design Plan Checklists.pdf
File PDF document 2017 3-1 Final Water Quality Report Outline.pdf
File PDF document CDOT Drainage Design Manual Water Quality Section
File PDF document Draft Construction Program Implementation Schedule
File PDF document Final Wet Weather Monitoring PDD
File Office Excel 2007 XML workbook AWQMS Monitoring Location Template
File Office Excel 2007 XML workbook AWQMS Data Elements Template
Drainage Design Manual Documents Sept 2019
Drainage Design Manual 2019
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