BMP Selection for Stormwater Management

The purpose of this course is to teach CDOT employees best management practices (BMP) selection for project stormwater management plans (SWMP), erosion control and basics of hydrology and hydraulic engineering. The course is one in a series of courses to meet compliance requirement #26 of the Consent Order (CO) entered in 2008 between Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and CDOT to train all employees who are involved in project design, oversight and/or maintenance related to stormwater drainage and quality about “ … the incorporation of BMP design and overall stormwater management into a project’s construction design and planning phase; detailed discussions on the implementation of BMP’s during different phases of construction …”

Upon completion of the course you will know how to select BMP’s for project stormwater management, apply principles of stormwater drainage and hydrology, and assess and mitigate construction related erosion and sedimentation.