Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor Certification (TECS)

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*CDOT has a new H2O Portal*

CDOT has gone self-serve and paperless for all TECS certifications.

Moving forward, all TECS certifications and classes will now be accessible from this Portal:

Please follow the detailed instructions on the Portal webpage to access or register for CDOT’s H2O Portal. If you are currently an active TECS student, you will have received an email with your username and password allowing you access to your active registration, certifications, and class documents. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AS A NEW USER. Please save your issued password and username as they are unique to the user and cannot be changed.

If you are not currently an active TECS student, the H2O Portal webpage has detailed instructions on how to register.

To make TECS a sustainable long term certification program, starting in August 2017, TECS courses will now be charged $159.00 per class.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us at: [email protected]  or via phone at: (303) 757-9810.

Thank you for your participation in the TECS Certification Program.

CDOT requires any individual designated as the CDOT transportation erosion control supervisor (TECS) on CDOT projects to complete the TECS Certification Program, which is comprised of two, one-day courses. Per specification 208.03(c): The TECS shall be experienced in all aspects of construction and have satisfactorily completed a TECS training program authorized by the Department.

Class 1 of the TECS training is in a classroom setting and is delivered by instructors using PowerPoint slides; student activities; open discussion; the toolbox; and the training SWMP to assist the training participant in his/her future career as a TECS.

Class 2 of TECS training is conducted outdoors at the CDOT BMP Field Academy, adjacent to CDOT Headquarters in Denver. This training is comprised of field activities that include:

  • site assessments
  • inspection protocols
  • linking the SWMP document to the construction site
  • hands-on BMP field installations
  • evaluating BMPs under simulated precipitation event conditions; and
  • critical thinking.

Both training days are required for the TECS certification. Class 1 (classroom) must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in Class 2 (field). Class 2 must be taken within 12 months of taking Class 1, or Class 1 must be repeated.

Successful participation and completion of the TECS classes, including passing an exam at the end of each class, is required to be a certified TECS. Successful participation and completion includes attendance, completion of class assignments and a passing score on the exams given at the end of each class. Attendance includes missing no more than 15 minutes of either training day.

In regards to the TECS refresher course to extend certification, CDOT has noticed an error in the expiration date on all 2014-issued certifications.
All 2014-issued certifications will expire on January 1, 2018.

Students who are up for a refresher course with certificates expiring before January 1, 2018, do not need to take a refreshed course to extend their certification until the end of 2017. We are currently working on a refresher course to extend current TEC's certification. Once this class is ready, we will notify all TEC's via email and post to the website.

Once issued, the certification is current for three years, or continuing education credits may be used to extend the refresher up to two years for a total of five years. Recertification requirements must be met within the three-year period (either by taking the refresher class or by continuing education credits) to maintain the certification, or the initial two-day training program must be repeated.

Cancellation Policy

If someone is unable to make the confirmed class, he/she will be given a one-time opportunity to notify the TECS coordinator within 72 hours of the class without penalty. If a student cancels outside of the 72-hour window or has previously withdrawn from a class, then the student will not be able to sign up for the TECS Certification until a later date, when fees may be applicable. This policy also applies to students that miss more than 15 minutes of class or leave early.

Course Description

This course consists of two, one-day courses with training topics that include, but are not limited to, the information within the tabs below.

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Class 1

  • The regulatory requirements under the Colorado Construction Stormwater Program and how these requirements relate to CDOT specifications.
  • CDOT’s Environmental Stewardship roles and potential liabilities associated with non-compliance.Green book photo
  • Using the inspection tool, "The Gauntlet," to evaluate potential pollution sources and their associated BMPs.
  • CDOT SWMP components, including the function of the SWMP notebook as a planning tool and as a legal, living document, “The Story”.
  • The role and responsibilities of the TECS.
  • Construction project planning and phasing.
  • Record-keeping requirements and maintaining the SWMP notebook components as a living document for compliance.

Class 2

      • Inspecting a CDOT construction site
      • Record-keeping requirements and maintaining the SWMP notebook components as a living document for complianceRoad photo
      • Proper placement and installation of BMPs
      • Sheet flow vs channelized flows
      • Proper inspection and subsequent documentation to achieve compliance
      • BMP problem solving
      • Evaluating drainage areas and applying proper BMPs
      • Revegetation practices
      • Stabilization methodology (temporary and final)

Contact Information

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For registration inquiries, contact:

Report an Illegal Discharge
  • Hotline: 303-512-4H2O

  • Illegal discharges (aka, illicit discharges) emit into CDOT's storm drain system pollutants (e.g., oil, grease, fertilizers, pesticides, grass clippings, leaves, or odd smelling/colored substances).

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