Wildlife & Transportation Summit

Providing Safe Passage for People and Wildlife in Colorado

2017 Inaugural Wildlife & Transportation Summit

Several state and federal agencies joined efforts to host the first-ever Wildlife and Transportation Summit held June 2017 in Silverthorne. 

What's Next?

Committees developed out of this Summit will work toward coordinating future workshops and events, continuing to bring interested stakeholders together and explore the many ideas and goals of improving wildlife and transportation challenges.

Read about the Key Themes, Goals and Suggested Action Items in the Summit Outcomes document.

Goal & Focus

The purpose of the two-day Wildlife and Transportation Summit was to establish partnerships and develop an action plan to improve highway safety, and protect wildlife populations and their movement corridors.

The Summit focused on informing and engaging agency staff, decision-makers, and public and private stakeholders on current issues, including:

  • wildlife concerns
  • animal-vehicle collisions
  • highway safety
  • highway mitigation features (fencing, overpasses, underpasses)
  • partnership opportunities

Outcomes & Action Items

Participants of the summit formulated key themes, goals and suggested actions or next steps, some of which include:

  • Develop a Wildlife and Transportation Steering Committee(s)
  • Establish Partnerships and Develop Outreach Strategy
  • Consolidate and Integrate Data and Technology
  • Determine and Identify Consistent Funding
  • Advance Public Education of Wildlife and Transportation Issues