Geohazard Program

The mission of the Geohazard Program is to provide geotechnical expertise for the management and safety of CDOT roadways.

One method of managing geohazarda is through a funded Geohazard Asset Management Program. The Geohazards Program uses software to evaluate and prioritize locations for mitigation.

The program combines geologic and climate information with traffic and slope data to rank geohazards according to the severity of the risk. CDOT prioritizes sites for mitigation based on this system.

The Geohazard Program provides internal mitigation design and design review for projects funded with the annual Geohazard budget, and performs site inspections during the construction of these projects. In addition to overseeing these planned projects, Geohazard Program personnel are designated as first responders during geohazard-related emergencies.

Other rockfall-response and -evaluation needs relate to CDOT's maintenance sections. For example, maintenance crews regularly patrol highways known to have rockfall hazards. In cases where additional investigation is warranted, assistance is provided through engineering personnel and, eventually, by the Geohazard Program.

When the hazard in question is considered imminent, an immediate response is made through CDOT's maintenance section and, if needed, by a contractor specializing in rockfall mitigation.

It is important to recognize that geohazards are sporadic and unpredictable. They can occur at any time from almost any location along a slope. The purpose of implementing geohazard mitigation is to reduce the risk at a specific location.

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