Geo-Documents and Geo-Links

Here is a collection of resources that are used by the Geotechnical Program. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or cannot find what you need.
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File PDF document Inspector's Report of Caisson Installation, CDOT Form 1333
This form is to be completed by construction inspectors to document caisson installation.
File PDF document Driven Pile Worksheets
A collection of field forms for construction inspectors to document driven pile installation.
File PDF document Boring Log Field Guide
A collection of quick references for use during drilling operations.
FHWA Geotechnical Publications
The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration geotechnical engineering publications.
USGS National Geologic Map Database
A collection of online maps published by the USGS including geologic and topographic maps.
Colorado Geological Survey
The geologic resource for all of Colorado.
CDOT Construction Specifications
The online CDOT Standard Specification Book for construction.
CDOT Staff Bridge
Resource for CDOT Staff Bridge manuals, project special provisions, structural worksheets, field log of structures and technical memorandums.
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