LOGO & TODS Sign Programs

Specific Information Business Signs (LOGO) & Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS)

Under state and federal law, CDOT issues permits approving specific information signs (LOGO) on interstates, freeways and expressways, and tourist-oriented directional signs (TODS) on non-interstate highways. Both types of guide signs must meet specific state and federal requirements, and—in the case of TODS—local requirements.

LOGO signs provide identification and directional information to the traveling public for eligible businesses offering gas, food, lodging, camping, 24-hour pharmacies and tourist attractions near interstates, freeways and expressways. TODS provide business identification and directional information for tourist-oriented activities along non-interstate highways.

Rules have been established to govern the sign programs pursuant to statute.

An eligible business must apply for a permit to display a LOGO or TODS plaque on a CDOT sign structure. CDOT reviews the application and determines eligibility under the FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the CDOT Sign Design Manual. Program fees are based on average daily traffic in both sign programs.

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Roadside Advertising

For additional information on the LOGO and TODS Sign programs, contact Anthony Lovato at 303-512-4496.

Pursuant to state and federal law, CDOT is required to provide effective control of outdoor advertising devices adjacent to state highways in accordance with the Highway Beautification Act of 1965. CDOT outdoor advertising permits are required to display off-premise advertising adjacent to state highways. CDOT determines eligibility, issues permits and oversees all outdoor advertising devices. 


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