Colorado Freight Advisory Council (FAC)

The Colorado Freight Advisory Council (FAC) advises CDOT and other organizations on the needs of the transportation system in Colorado pertaining to freight and commercial transportation. The FAC provides guidance on policy and planning level activities and identifies strategies and tactics to address the operational needs of the system.  FAC members represent a cross-section of freight industry stakeholders. 

The Mission of the Freight Advisory Council:

The Freight Advisory Council will serve as a forum for the private sector to advocate for commercial transportation needs, influence transportation policy, and collaborate with partners to develop a transportation system that supports the economic vitality of Colorado by providing for the safe, efficient, coordinated and reliable movement of freight. 

New Freight Website:

For freight industry stakeholders in Colorado, a new freight website has been developed to assist with trip planning and other critical data related to the movement of freight in Colorado.  Please see the new freight site by clicking here:

The FAC aims to:

  • Advise CDOT on freight-related issues, priorities, projects, and funding needs.
  • Educate the public and other stakeholders on the importance of freight, its connection to the economy, and its reliance on the transportation system.
  • Promote initiatives and strategies to improve freight safety.
  • Serve as a forum to discuss opportunities and strategies to influence freight-related decisions.
  • Seek opportunities for leveraging partnerships to improve freight movement.
  • Collaborate with other agencies and organizations on data and information sharing to promote informed decision making.
  • Identify short and long term initiatives that will benefit the freight industry and promote a healthy transportation system.
  • Advise CDOT and other public organizations during transportation planning efforts.
  • Advise CDOT Staff on National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) Project selection.
  • Advise CDOT staff on rail-freight issues and opportunities, including freight-related grants and loans.

All upcoming FAC meetings are scheduled to start at 1:30 pm 

  • September 29, 2020
    Location: Virtual
    Meeting Theme: Regular FAC Meeting
  • November 17, 2020
    Location: Virtual
    Meeting Theme: Regular FAC Meeting
  • February 23, 2021
    Location: Virtual
    Meeting Theme: Regular FAC Meeting
  • May 25, 2021
    Location: Virtual
    Meeting Theme: Regular FAC Meeting



Jenyce Houg

FAC Chair,  Houg Transportation and Resources

Mike Ogborn

FAC Vice-Chair, Ogborn Consulting

Tim Rich

Western Slope Representative

Jeannette Hilaire

DEN (Denver International Airport)

Michelle Scheuerman 

FAC Secretary, and CDOT Freight Coordinator

Rebecca White

CDOT Division of Transportation Development

Karen Gerwitz

World Trade Center Denver

Grier Bailey

Colorado/Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association

Joe Kiely

Ports to Plains Representative

Paul Cristina

Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)

Wally Weart

Retired -Railroad advocate

Craig Boyle


Jake Killgore

Molson Coors

Jeff Sogar


Carl Spaulding

Renewable Fiber

Kristal Fiser

United Parcel Service

Volker Schurr

Sekologistics - Global Logistics experts

Laurie Brown

President of Denver Transportation Club

Jeff Van Schaick

Genesee Wyoming Railroad

Norm Steen

STAC Representative PPACG, Teller County Commissioner

Gary Beedy

STAC Representative Eastern TPR, Transportation Commissioner

Jessica Stevens

Ryder Trucking

Robyn Smith

May Trucking

Greg Fulton

Colorado Motor Carriers Association

Ozzie Mazzucca

Werner Trucking

Doug Brittin

Denver Transportation Institute, DU

Leonard Dittman

Colorado Department of Public Safety

Nathan Anderson

Union Pacific Railroad

Steve Gregory

San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad

Jack Buffington

Denver Transportation Institute, DU and MillerCoors Brewing Company

David Arganbright


Diego Lopez

Northern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition

Steve O'Dorisio

Adams County Commissioner

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