[FAC] Colorado Freight Advisory Council

The Colorado Freight Advisory Council (FAC) advises CDOT and other organizations on the needs of the transportation system in Colorado pertaining to freight and commercial transportation. The FAC provides guidance on policy and planning level activities and identifies strategies and tactics to address operational needs of the system.  FAC members represent a cross-section of freight industry stakeholders. 

Mission of the Freight Advisory Council:

The Freight Advisory Council will serve as a forum for the private sector to advocate for commercial transportation needs, influence transportation policy, and collaborate with partners to develop a transportation system which supports the economic vitality of Colorado by providing for the safe, efficient, coordinated and reliable movement of freight.

The FAC aims to:

  • Advise CDOT on freight-related issues, priorities, projects, and funding needs.
  • Educate the public, decision-makers and other stakeholders on the importance of freight, its connection to the economy, and its reliance on the transportation system.
  • Serve as a forum to discuss opportunities and strategies to influence freight-related transportation decisions.
  • Seek opportunities for leveraging partnerships to improve freight movement.
  • Collaborate with other agencies and organizations on data and information sharing to promote informed decision making.
  • Identify short and long term initiatives that will benefit mobility for the freight industry and promote a healthy transportation system.
  • Advise CDOT and other public organizations during transportation planning efforts.


April 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

October 24, 2017

FAC Meetings and Documents - Click Here

FAC Charter - Click Here

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FAC Membership:

Jenyce Houg, Chair

Mike Ogborn, Vice Chair

Gary Beedy

Patrick Courson

Sarod Dhuru

Kevin Douglas

Greg Fulton

Don Grambusch

Brandon Howes

Joe Kiely

Barbara Kirkmeyer, STAC Representative

Mason Lathrop

Mike Lewis, CDOT Representative

Jason Morgan

Rod Pelton

Tim Rich

Carl Spaulding

Norm Steen

Sara Thompson Cassidy

Frances Tinsley

Howard Wagner

FAC Contact Information

CDOT Multimodal Planning Branch
Division of Transportation Development
4201 East Arkansas Ave., Shumate Building
Denver, Colorado 80222

Jason Wallis, Freight Program Manager
[email protected]


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